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About the EPS Group

EPS Group—Successful growth through commitment.

Since 1991 the EPS Group has been an essential player in maintaining and furthering standards of excellence in Japan’s renowned healthcare system. As your trusted partner, you can rely on us to apply time-tested procedures alongside breakthrough technological innovations. We work to help organizations provide a level of healthcare that assists the infirm and enriches the healthy.

A solid CRO foundation on which to build the future.

The history of the EPS Group encompasses the dawn of the CRO industry through to the highest standards of excellence in the industry today. We provide leadership in support of healthcare concerns in Japan, and are striving to extend our success to burgeoning Asian markets and beyond. Look to us as your valued partner in globalized drug research, development and delivery.

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    EPS Corporation / EPS Associates Co., Ltd. / EPMate Co., Ltd. / e-Trial Co., Ltd.


    EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.


    Sogo Rinsho Holdings Co., Ltd. / EP-SOGO Co., Ltd. / Sogo Rinsho Médéfi Co., Ltd.


    EP-PharmaLine Co., Ltd.


    EPS EKISHIN Co., Ltd.


    EP-CRSU Co., Ltd. / EPI Yamanashi Co., Ltd.

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