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Message from the CEO

Aiming to Become the Best Partner for your Global Expansion of Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Development with a Focus on Asia

Since its establishment in 1991, the EPS Group has established a subsidiary in China, the first such subsidiary by a Japanese CRO, and has begun offering clinical development support services centered in Asia. Establishing EPS International Co., Ltd. in 2007 (EPS International hereafter) and EPS Ekishin Co., Ltd. (China) in 2008, the company has enhanced its overseas business activities.

Through its network of subsidiaries throughout Asia and business partnerships with the world’s top CROs based in the US, Europe, and India, EPS International has supported the implementation of high-quality Asian trials and global clinical trials.

The strength of EPS International lies in the fact that it has the greatest overseas presence of the major CROs in Japan. With a focus on Asia, the company has multiple overseas offices, including in the US, and it has focused particularly on solidifying its sites in the respective Asian countries, providing clinical development support services as well as SMO services centered on Asia.

Generally speaking, pharmaceutical companies are in the manufacturing business, making products (medicines), selling them, and running their business. CROs are in the service business, providing clinical development work as a service. Our goal as a CRO should be to provide stable, continuous service through the standardization of processes and the like. We are in an age where building a system for providing stable, continuous service is highly valued as a skill.

With the aim of becoming a global CRO from Japan with a focus on Asia, we have conducted our operations with our management division at times in Japan and at times overseas. From October 2017, we will be returning to our roots and going back to a setup in which our management headquarters are in Japan. We also will reexamine the question of what medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies really seek from CROs, and in particular, we intend to pursue the ideal vision of a global CRO from Japan.

As a company, we seek to continue growing in accordance with the needs of our customers and of the times. Going forward, we will continue to practice our basic philosophy: “We will contribute to the health industry by providing high-value-added solutions to our clients.” We will also explore optimal solutions with our customers. This is the spirit of EPS’s “Ever Progress System (a system that progresses each day)” from which our name is derived. We must constantly change and evolve, and the people who work here must demonstrate growth as we continue to meet your expectations. Thank you in advance for your continued support and guidance.

Hisashi Tanaka
Chief Executive Officer
EPS International Holdings Co., Ltd.

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